Product Categories

With our expanding cost-efficient product selection, we offer safe, effective and high-quality products as we continuously help healthcare providers deliver high-quality care.

Oral Care

Professional oral Care kits and for comprehensive oral hygiene

Surgical Kits

Pre-assembled sets of medical supplies and instruments used for various medical procedures

Operating Room Consumables

Highly quality medical supplies and accessories used in operating room

Infection Control

Products to keep patients and medical providers safe while providing medical care

Patient Care

Wide range of essential supplies to help care for patients

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Jiangsu Jianyu Health Medical Co., Ltd is an integrated high-tech enterprise which includes the research and development, production, sale and trade of medical devices specializing in manufacturing medical consumables.

Corporate Strength

Focuses on Manufacturing of medical supplies, through OEM, ODM, or Contract Manufacturing

Strong Customer Base

Established long term cooperation with top tier clients that operate around the globe

Professional Qualifications

ISO certified (ISO9001, ISO13485, products are CE Marked and USFDA Certified. Also complies with GMP standards

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