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Congratulations to our company for being ranked first in Zhu Lin's Spring Festival again

Release time: 2023-02-02

The first thing in spring is to act first. On the morning of January 30, the mobilization meeting of Zhulin Town focusing on the construction of the capital of new energy and further promoting the "five actions" was held in the Jinsha Hall of Marriott Hotel. As the "first meeting" of Zhulin New Year, it aims to commend the advanced collective and individuals who have made positive contributions to the high-quality development of the industrial economy of the whole town in 2022. Our company has won three of the six industrial development awards, namely, the tax contribution award, the effective investment award and the platform construction award. In addition, Mr. Chu Xiaojian, the chairman of the board, also won the title of "Excellent Entrepreneur" and made an exchange speech at the meeting as a representative of excellent entrepreneurs.



In 2022, under the severe and complex internal and external environment, in the process of prevention, resistance and resistance (epidemic prevention), we Jianyu people will overcome difficulties and forge ahead all the way. It is not easy for us to achieve such brilliant achievements, which is the common pride of all Maojian people and is also worth celebrating. We want to pay tribute to the outstanding general managers who fight the storm and have the courage to make decisions, and we want to applaud the management cadres who have the overall situation in mind and are competing to make efforts, We should give praise to those excellent individuals who have overcome difficulties and worked hard.

However, the past is the prologue; Looking forward to the future, the original intention remains unchanged. This year is the beginning year of implementing the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, the key year of connecting the past with the next and opening up a new situation in the "14th Five-Year Plan", the closing year of our "4th Five-Year Plan", and the eleventh year of Maojian's independent entrepreneurship. Under the leadership of the chairman of the board of directors, from today on, we will beat the drum to urge the expedition and sail hard. The whole company will carry forward the spirit of Hua Luogeng of "striving for self-improvement, climbing the peak bravely, being willing to be a ladder of people, and feeling of family and country", stimulate the extraordinary courage of "brave people who meet on a narrow path to win", set up the ambition of "climbing to the top of the mountain and I will be the peak", maintain the enthusiasm of "accelerating the horse without getting off the saddle", and uphold the concept of "surpassing business and benefiting mankind", We will start again, forge ahead and climb higher towards the goal of building a "high-end medical device intelligent manufacturing base and research and development base", and win a new victory in Maojian's development!

To this end, in 2023, we must focus on the following aspects of work around its strategic objectives while striving to complete the revenue and other tasks and indicators set by the chairman:

First, consolidate the momentum of development and make the pace of progress more stable. Give full play to the basic role of existing products and the key role of investment, make better use of the international market and existing international key customer resources, and provide strong support for the steady growth of the total business.

The second is to keep the internal and external circulation unblocked and make the future development more sustainable. On the one hand, we should actively expand effective investment, strengthen the guarantee of major project elements, ensure that new projects of domestic marketable products "start immediately after taking the land", strive to improve the investment completion rate, strive for the early completion and production of new projects, and provide a strong guarantee of internal circulation for the sustainable development of enterprises; On the other hand, we must speed up the construction of the domestic sales organization structure to provide a strong organizational guarantee for the domestic sales work. At the same time, we should further accelerate the process of exploring the domestic sales model, clarify and establish our domestic sales model as soon as possible, so that the domestic sales work can be carried out in a timely and orderly manner.

The third is to unite science and technology to achieve self-reliance and make innovation more powerful. On the one hand, we will lay out a high-energy innovation platform and further create and apply for "provincial industrial design center", "municipal enterprise technology center", "national specialized new small and medium-sized enterprises" and "provincial green factory"; On the one hand, further strengthen the cooperation with various scientific research institutions and laboratories, and expand the R&D channels and directions; On the one hand, we will further innovate the talent mechanism to provide institutional guarantee for the introduction and cultivation of high-end innovative talents.